Carley's Kicks for Cure
Est. August 2014
Carley Schor | Founder & CEO
Working to improve the education of Long Island's Autistic youth

Meet the Artist

Name: Carley Schor

Age: 18 




1. What was your inspiration to start Carley's Kicks for Cure?

    I always wanted to design my own pair of unique

converse. In August of 2014, just before I would begin my freshman year of high school, I bought a pair and created my first design. I wore them on the first day of school, and I received so many compliments. All my friends were asking me to make them pairs as well. When I realized how much potential this had and how I could use the business to help people in need, I jumped on it right away. My parents were super supportive throughout the entire process and told all their friends who told their friends (and so on) to give me a good jump start.

2. Why Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism/Martin C. Barell School?
    I have a personal connection to NSSA and their education program. A family friend of mine, Tyler, is on the Autism Spectrum and attends school through their programs. It's nice for me to be able to help a smaller organization improve the daily lives of Autistic youth. It's awesome and so fulfilling to get to visit the school and get to know each of the individuals I'm helping.
3. How many sneakers have you made so far?
    Since 2014, I have made over 500 pairs of customized kicks. No two are alike.
4. What is your advice to someone trying to start a business?
    Find something that you truly enjoy. A business takes a lot of time and dedication. Be passionate about your work, and--if you choose to work with an organization or charity--choose a cause that is personal and close to your heart. It gives you that much more motivation and pride in your work.